Submission Guidelines for 27 rue de fleures

do not submit without reading and at least partially "understanding" or having some affinity for 27's statement of purpose

27 has rolling submissions:  please do not send more than 3 "pieces" at a time

please send all submissions electronically to submissions[at]27rue[dot]com in the body of an email:  we will not open or read attachments:  you may also submit links to pieces already displayed on your own webspace:  please use "27 submission" as the subject line of your email

due to the nature of much experimental work, we realize that many of you will not be able to submit electronically in the body of an email:  if you feel your work will not be sufficiently represented by simply being pasted in the body of an email or it would be impossible to paste your work into the body of an email:  please send copies (no originals please) of your work via traditional mail to the following address:  27 rue de fleures (submissions)/ 600 N. Walnut St./ Bay City, MI 48706:  please do not send CDs or other disks

please send a brief message with your submission that includes the following information: The title of your submission, your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number

if you'd like, you may also include a brief bio or list of publications - but these are not required

we are interested in receiving submissions of any type of experimental poetries by women:  again, please read 27's statement of purpose before you submit

if you have any further questions about the submission process, please email info[at]27rue[dot]com : please use "question" as the subject line of your email

we will try to get back to you within eight weeks but if it is clear from your submission that you did not read either 1) our guidelines for submission or 2) 27's statement of purpose, you may never hear from us at all:  if you do not hear from us within three months, please assume we are not interested