Hejinian's My Life:  Stein's Tender Buttons:  Carson's The Autobiography of Red:  Cha's Dictee:  Drucker's Anything:  Spahr's Fuck You, Aloha, I Love You:  Lispector, Lispector, Lispector:  Kanae's Sista Tongue:  Notley's Descent of Alette:  Szporluk's Dark Sky Question:  Ensler's The Good Body (this is by no means a complete list:  by no means at all)

these are texts that destroy readers preconceived notions of beauty, truth, womanness, humanity, story:  they find ways to use language/s that upset & dismember the tongue:  so that what we have always wanted to say is said:  so that what we have never known how to say is suddenly clear and alive as the ringing bell

these texts pay attention to not just what is said but how what is said is said:  because that is important:  because that is monumentally important:  these texts care about how texts are made:  these texts care about how poetries are made:  these texts make solemn vows that poetries matter:  these texts sometimes seem to say that perhaps poetries are all that matters

experimental because jarring: experimental as in maybe, at first, difficult to read:  experimental as in irreducible:  experimental as in not accepted elsewhere:  experimental as in not appearing at award shows or generally barred from laureate-hood:  experimental as in political:  experimental as in taboo:  experimental as in dis-genred or multi-genred, as in polyvocal or multilingual: as real:  as regular:  as playful: as angry: as stunning:  experimental as in not your run-of-the-mill here's what I learned about myself or my world as an extension of myself through looking at nature today: experimental because told to behave and simply could not play by the rules:  experimental as in Poetry for the Millenium:  experimental as in Imagining Language

poetries plural because there is no Poetry:  poetries plural as we are plural:  poetries comes in all different shapes and sizes and colors and preferences

poetries that say something without beating a reader over the head with a fish:  poetries that use the page and language to create living energetic space

this is 27 rue de fleures' purpose