Elizabeth Treadwell

star altar

in the shadows of the trees
the foamy milk-cloud
our imaginations are part of the earth
the little hills of sand





for you are made of dark & salt,
of waterlight, of care of care
of care





all the dolls & toys
of cave memory
displayed for you this evening
in faulty rhapsody

all the funny creatures of the sea

the walk to the new pollen dance
this is that world



Elizabeth Treadwell's work here is from a new manuscript, Posy, a charm almanack & atlas. Her earlier books include Virginia or the mud-flap girl (Dusie, 2012); Birds & Fancies (Shearsman, 2007); and LILYFOIL + 3 (O Books, 2004). She can be found online at elizabethtreadwell.com.

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