Lauren Gay

Fat Fingers

I follow you home through the hole in my heart.
Nibble the yellow cake crumb trail.

Worm my way in tangled as hangers.
Bodies stretched dry over hot sidewalks after rain.

Dizzy spinning horizontal in the dark room.
Unclothed afraid to touch.

Had glided in so sly and pushed you in the oven.

On Easter Sunday I wore
a jean jacket & pink bunny ears.

Twirling under the eaves of my
sister's backbar apartment.

A scraggly man approached
with a large soda and straw.

He said, "just remember,
somebody loves you."

I twirled some more.

Lauren Rebecca Gay was born in her family's apartment on Traymore Ave. on February 10th 1987. She looks forward to giving birth to her own child on a mattress in her own apartment in the coming year. She appreciates overalls, the color of peaches, and books. Upon graduating in 2010 she has worked continuously within the Buffalo Public School System. She seeks a better way and a bigger city. POPPress is her most current endeaor toward a better way. She edit, prints, cuts, stiches, and binds books of poetry and other creative works. Her goods can be found on etsy, shop name: POPPress.

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